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    A big boon, but it's also a combination responsibility and white elephant (if white elephants had a tendency to horribly murder your enemies). He's obviously in high favor (because he has a Grand Cruiser, a small fleet, and a Daemonship), but that means he's also riding a much thinner line. He can't afford to be weak, or even to look weak, to his mortal followers or daemonic patrons/superiors. "Turtle up in a defensive formation and fight reactively" would be a cowardly, weak-looking tactic in most circumstances. It might be the proper defense against the Rogue Trader here, but said Rogue Trader is literally the only enemy in the entire galaxy short of actual Culture ships who can fight in this way; it won't be his first go-to response, and even if he figures it out, he'll hesitate to issue the orders because he'll know how it will look to his ambitious and less tactically minded minions.

    Also, I think this might have extra hilarity because I have a sneaky suspicion Jseah picked a few ships off the ship list because they sounded/looked cool, and we've since dragged this off in a completely different direction.
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