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    Default Re: The Culture explores 40K II: Now With 100% more Fanfiction

    Quote Originally Posted by The Glyphstone View Post
    Also, I think this might have extra hilarity because I have a sneaky suspicion Jseah picked a few ships off the ship list because they sounded/looked cool, and we've since dragged this off in a completely different direction.
    =D But it's cool. I'll run with it.

    Let's say the Khornate fleet has just come off on the bad side of a scrap with some Tzeentch ships and dropped out of warp to get away. Maybe some light damage, nothing serious, but it explains why they don't have enough escorts.

    All according to plan of course, for Tzeentch.

    The Khorne commander might see the IoM ships and exodite world as a "easy" target to recover his reputation on. At least, easy until the IoM ships go zipping around.

    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Explorer View Post
    Here's how I see the fight going down. The RT surprises the Chaos fleet with it's tactical FTL doing some damage. He gets in some more hits but then the Chaos Fleet positions itself so there is no safe place to attack from. The two Merc frigates go down to a barrage of fire. They trade blows for a little while and the Lunar decides to bugger off. The RT is forced to retreat shortly afterwards. Chaos loots the destroyed frigates.
    Would the mercs even follow his orders if they see it's not safe? Escorts going up into the line of fire for Chaos cruisers sounds pretty suicidal to me.

    Would the RT even give an order to FTL to an unsafe location? I'd assume he's not a tactical nutcase.
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