James "Nomad" Leaden

Background: James grew up traveling around the world with his father, a minor crook but true adventurer. To be honest, the man wasn't a great father, but he taught James the skills he needed to survive anywhere in the world. James learned basic math through stats and betting odds at underground fighting matches, various languages by running with the other street children, and other such experiences. James' powers began manifesting themselves when James was fourteen. It started small at first; hearing whispers of his father's thoughts, objects sliding around on the table, a general sense of healthiness. Jame's father quickly noticed these abnormalities, and cautioned James to hide them, but practice. When his father died, James continued wandering, not knowing what else to do. He now finds himself in this city and country, having met a few people like him.

Personality: James' father imparted an "it's us against the world" vision to the young James, and it has stuck with him ever since. He tends toward shallow relationships, as his and his father's constant roaming made it almost impossible to form anything more with outsiders. At his core, James is a genuinely nice guy, but his tendency towards extreme pragmatism can often overshadow his benevolence.

Appearance: 23 years old, Eurasian, 5'11", 170 lbs., shaved head, brown eyes, muscular physique. His fashion style would best be described as "urban combat apparel".

Powers: Telekinesis, telepathy, superior physiology

Telekinesis: Fairly standard. He can move things with his mind. He isn't hurling around cars with just a thought, but it still packs a serious wallop. He is capable of detail work, such as lockpicking. With every passing day, the greater this power grows, affecting smaller and larger scales.

Telepathy: Right now, it is mostly limited to sending his own thoughts or receiving those from minds he has "attuned" to. With effort, he can "nudge" the minds of others, making them have a certain thought (but not implanting it long-term), or cloud their mind for a brief moment.

Superior physiology: Another superheroic standard. James' strength, speed, agility, reaction time, etc. are all Olympic-level or better. He almost never needs to sleep or eat, and heals remarkably quickly (but not so quick that the average thug with a knife isn't a real concern). He doesn't get sick, and always looks to be in the peak of health. His IQ is likely somewhere above 180, with an eidetic memory.

Training: James has a wide variety of skills. His practical skillset leans towards the criminal, survivalist, and combat side of things. His father taught him things such as lockpicking, con games, and survival skills. James has picked up combat styles from around the world, resulting in a unique style. His travels have also exposed him to more cultures and places than most people will ever see, but have left him deficient in numerous areas, specifically the liberal arts and hard sciences.

Wealth/holdings/titles: Almost broke. He carries everything he owns in a large backpack. He has made enough to afford modern conveniences, but they aren't the newest models. Luckily, a wide network of friends around the world allows him to travel and survive with ease. He is currently dressed in combat boots, military pants, a black t-shirt, a hoody, a long leather duster, and gloves. At his side is a large, well-worn knife and a smartphone. In the backpack are some extra clothes, rope, a flashlight, his laptop, a multi-tool, and a number of other things. Buried down at the bottom is a Walther P99. Everything looks used but well-cared for.