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Also again, 40k ships have A LOT of guns and are designed to fill area's with huge amounts of devastating firepower.
40K ships can look at a ship at position X, and fill positions X and Y with firepower. This sort of area coverage works well at fighting ships with predictable trajectories, but which you don't have exact positional data for, such as Eldar.

They can't fill the entirety of a region of space with firepower.

This ship isn't moving from X to Y like an Eldar or Necron vessel. It is able to move from A to Z in the blink of an eye, or any position in between. Eldar and Necron ships change the rules. Tactical FTL ships aren't even playing the same game. 40K ships *can't* cover that much space with firepower. You're arguing that 40K fleets can simultaneously and continuously hit 100% of all space surrounding them. That just isn't true.