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    Quote Originally Posted by Fan View Post
    Recently, Imperial Armour: Aeronautica came out.

    You're welcome to look there.
    Except that doesn't have anything on the scale of an actual ship, though... just small craft. Do you have anything recent that talks about the miles-long ships? The ones that have macrocannon, where each gun in the macrocannon itself is the size of at least any of the craft in IA:A?

    And if they want to 'fill all possible vectors with fire'... then I suppose they could point their macrocannons every-which-way. Doing so wouldn't be effective though; these ships are dangerous because of their ability to concentrate massive amounts of fire into one (or a few) area. If they did shoot the macrocannons off in every direction, it would be like a very expensive and draining sensor pulse -- the guns, if they hit the RT's ship, wouldn't be able to even dent the shields... because they aren't concentrating their fire!

    So no, ships in 40k don't have the amount of firepower you are claiming they have. They don't have those capabilities to fill all the space around them with death that is meaningful to any of the other miles-long ships with void shields.
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