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Thread: Terrible subversions/ Parodies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyarlathotep View Post
    I think you're taking it a bit too seriously and are a bit too defensive of anime. More to the point given the nerd generation that the majority of futurama's writers came from they were most likely parodying anime that they grew up on rather than what is around right now. Just like the video game segment wasn't about Gears of War and Wii Sports, but was about games that were far older. It is an episode about the past and silly things that come from it.
    Well I didn't think that much of the other segments either, real diminishing returns that episode... how yes I'm almost certainly biased.

    I'd say if you want some sort of she-hulk woman who defeats people in a single punch then she should look the part and be muscular enough to actually do said punching. There are muscular women out there hollywood simply doesn't hire them. Either that or have the slim waifs use fighting styles that emphasize speed and mobility due to their massive lack of muscle mass, and just generally try to not be hit during the fights.
    A reasonable idea but perhaps a little easier said then done. Depending on the specifics involve you could quickly start talking a fairly limited spread of women with the above average height, mass, and shoulders to pull off that look. She Hulk even by comic book's exaggerated standards is an exception.

    Also your last bit largely describes waif-fu pretty well...

    Quote Originally Posted by Gavinfoxx View Post
    Heinlein accidentally made the Starship Troopers book fascist. He was later sorry for doing that when he realized what he was doing...
    Umm when and where, just curious?

    It would be hard for the movie to actually be farther from the book. No rather that would probably be better. It possibly the worst possible "parody" because it essentially lies about its material's point of view and entire operating methodology by going almost exactly opposite of it.

    In the movie the drill sergeanant throws a knife through someone's hand and spouts Full Metal Jacket all over again. In the book while the drill instructor does break an arm at one point its mostly by accident and treated as such, and he actually stops to explain and educate on why he does things he does, and why the military in general does things it does.
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