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Uh, it's a given that I'd never use the crappy Storyteller system for anything anyway. I'm only interested in Exalted's setting, I have no time whatsoever for its mechanics.

But that said, the mortal scale is about the only one at which the native system actually functions. I played a brief mortals PbP game, and the mechanics were passable.

Furthermore, if you're not focused on the Exalts themselves, Exalted is a low fantasy setting. Where does D&D have rules for disease and infection at the level of detail the Exalted corebook does?
So, you're not going to use the Exalted game mechanics, or the Exalted fluff, and since you're pulling it into an area that is outside the actual setting, you're not actually using the Exalted setting.

Here, let me refluff this for you.

DnD modern, set in a more 1400s time. There you go.