I can see what you're going for with this concept, but I'm not sure why you're trying to tie this to the Exalted setting. I hate to say anything like "you can't play Exalted that way," because that is a silly sentiment... but as you point out, Creation and the surrounding cosmology are pretty central to Exalted, and you aren't using either. Nor are you using the Exalted themselves, or sorcery, or gods and elementals, or... anything except the Fair Folk and the Wyld, in fact.

So why not just use those? Take a regular magic-less setting, as big or small as you like; surround it with the stuff of Chaos; insert faerie chaos-things. Don't worry about shinma, or how causality works without Fate to oversee things, or why nobody has self-initiated into sorcery. Include something like Terrestrial Martial Arts if you want mortals to have some quasi-magical kung fu abilities, but don't feel obliged to do so. It seems easier this way, unless you have some other reason for wanting this to fit into Exalted's setting.