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Well I didn't think that much of the other segments either, real diminishing returns that episode... how yes I'm almost certainly biased.
I thought it was fairly mediocre as far as futurama too but not because it poorly researched, just so of short on the funny.

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A reasonable idea but perhaps a little easier said then done. Depending on the specifics involve you could quickly start talking a fairly limited spread of women with the above average height, mass, and shoulders to pull off that look. She Hulk even by comic book's exaggerated standards is an exception.

Also your last bit largely describes waif-fu pretty well...
Given how often hollywood finds women several standard deviations from the norm when selecting for other attributes I don't think it would be too hard. Now it would be difficult to change the overall culture of Hollywood to make it happen but we're just speaking on broad practicality here.

Then again there is also the option of just giving women guns. The great equalizer.