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    For now, just the big changes from 3.5 spells. If not otherwise mentioned, assume that things are the same as the PHB version.


    All evocations dealing 1d6/level have their damage boosted:
    • 3rd level or lower- 1d6/level
    • 4th-6th level- 1d10/level
    • 7th-9th level: 10 damage/level

    Creatures adjacent to a caster activating a teleportation spell would would not normally be included in the spell's effect may make a Reflex save (DC as normal for a teleportation spell of the level) to “hitch a ride” and be carried along by the magic, ending up adjacent to the caster. For every 20 feet a creature's movement speed exceeds 20ft per round, he may be an additional 5 feet away and still "hitch a ride." (Thus, a wizard could grab his friend's hand and cast teleport to move them both away, but the adjacent orc could make a reflex save to follow him. Alternately, a wizard could cast dimension hop, and his adjacent rogue ally could make a reflex save to follow him, even though the spell normally only affects one creature.)


    Alter Self- When changing shape, you lose your racial modifiers to physical ability scores (Str, Dex, and Con), but gain the racial modifiers of your new form.

    In addition, add the following lines. "If you are a prepared caster, you must select the alternate form you will assume with this spell at the time you prepare it. To change the selected form, you must prepare the spell again. If you are a spontaneous caster, select five possible alternate forms when you learn the spell. You may learn an additional five possible forms by selecting the spell as one of your spells known a second time." Reduce the duration to 1 minute/level.

    Astral Projection- Add the following lines. "While your soul is projected, your equipment is not. You may chose to fashion masterwork clothes and equipment from ectoplasm, but your magic items remain with your real body.

    Mental ability damage or drain, as well as mind-affecting spells, are retained when you return to your real body. If your astral form is destroyed, your soul returns to your body, but the experience is extremely traumatic. You lose one level (or 1 HD). If the subject is 1st level, it loses 2 points of Constitution instead (if this would reduce its Con to 0 or less, it can’t be raised). This level/HD loss or Constitution loss cannot be repaired by any means. "

    Black Tentacles- The tentacles have a Combat Maneuver Bonus (see Combat Thread) equal to your Caster Level plus your advanced casting ability score.

    Clone- Costs 10,000 gold and 1000 experience to prepare the clone. (You already lose a level)

    Contact Other Plane- Avoiding the ability damage is a Will save, with a DC equal to twice the specified DC. Instead of one-word answers, you receive short, often-cryptic answers. Every time you ask a question, there is a cumulative 5% chance of having to roll a new save against the ability damage.

    Divination- The chance of a successful divination is 50%, plus 2/caster level. If the divination is unsuccessful, there is a 75% chance that the spell simple fails, and a 25% chance that it returns an incorrect answer.

    Divine Favor- The spell's range is changed to "touch"

    Divine Power- The spell's range is changed to "touch." It increases your BAB by one step, to a maximum of good, and gives a +2 bonus to Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity.

    Explosive Runes- The runes deal fire damage. Those close enough to read the runes may make a Reflex save at a -5 penalty. You may not place multiple Explosive Runes on the same object.

    Flesh to Stone- Acquires its own special conditions track: half speed and 2 points of Dex damage, immobile and an additional 2 points of Dex damage, then petrified.

    Gate- You may never call more hit die worth of creatures than your caster level. Creatures may make a Will save to resist being called. Increase the casting time to one minute.

    Invisibility- Grants total concealment, and allows the target to take 10 on Stealth checks.

    Knock- Complete change of effect: "The Knock spell blows open locked doors and rips the tops off chests. The caster makes a check to forcibly open the target, as if making a Strength check. However, instead of using his Strength score, he uses his base casting ability plus one-half his caster level. For example, a 4th level wizard with an intelligence of 4 would add +6 to this check."

    Mage's Disjunction- Functions as Dispel Magic, but there is no caster level cap, and you may add your advanced casting ability score to your dispel check. When making a targeted dispel, you may attempt to dispel any number of spells and magic items affecting or being carried by a single target. You may also target a single magic item. When attempting to dispel multiple effects, roll dispel checks against everything simultaneously, rather than starting at the most powerful spell. You may no longer dispel artifacts.

    Mage's Magnificent Mansion- The portal is not invisible, instead manifesting as a magnificent door with hardness equal to twice you base casting ability, hit points equal to your caster level times five, and a break DC equal to twice your caster level plus your base casting ability.

    Planar Ally line- Remove the line about recommended payments, and replace it with additional emphasis on the "service-for-a-service" aspect.

    Planar Binding line- The called creature gets three attempts to break free per day. The negotiation relies on relative social skills rather than flat Charisma checks, with summoned creatures often having an initial disposition of Unfriendly or Hostile.

    Polymorph/Shapechange- Copy the restricted number of forms from Alter Self. You may not cast spells in your new form unless the new form is capable of speech and fine gestures.

    In addition, changing your body and brain is an inherently risky business. Every minute a character spends in a form with a type other than his own, you must make a Will save, with a DC equal to normal DC of a spell of this level, +1 for each minute you’ve spent in the form, +1 for each of these saves you’ve failed. As you start failing these saves, you begin forgetting your own identity. Each failed save causes you to lose 1d4 random spell slots or prepared spells. If you fail 5 saves, you becomes permanently convinced that he is a creature of the type you've shapeshifted into. You discard all memories of your past life (including feats, prepared spell slots, spells known, and more) that don't "fit" with their new form, and begin acting in a manner appropriate to the new creature, even if the spell ends.

    This condition can be cured by any spell capable of curing insanity. If you've failed at least one of these saves must make an additional save to dismiss the spell.

    Polymorph Any Object- Alter the duration chart as so:

    {table]Duration Factor|Duration|Example
    0|can't be done|Pebble to human
    2|1 round|Marionette to human
    4|1 round/advanced ability score|Human to marionette
    5|1 round/caster level|Lizard to manticore
    6|1 minute/caster level|Sheep to wool coat
    7|10 minutes/caster level|Shrew to manticore
    9+|1 hour/caster level|Manticore to shrew[/table]

    Righteous Might- Change the range to "touch."

    Rope Trick- You cannot pull up the rope, and anyone who climbs the rope can enter the extradimensional space. Creatures may also attempt to collapse the space by pulling on the rope-- a successful Strength check with a DC equal to your caster level plus your advanced casting ability dispels the spell, and leaves all the creatures and equipment inside hanging in the air next to the top of the rope.

    Simulacrum- the hit die limit is one-half the subject's HD or one-half your caster level, whichever is higher.

    Solid Fog- Every time you attempt to move in the fog, roll a Strength check. For every 5 points by which your result is greater than 10, you may move 5 feet, to a minimum of 5 feet.

    Wind Wall- Inflicts a -5 penalty to all ranged attacks made through the wall. This penalty counts as a wind effect.

    Wish- You may immediately spend a number of spell points equal to one-half your caster level, casting the spells without needing to make caster level checks. You may use them to duplicate any sorcerer/wizard spell of 8th level or less, any arcane spell of 7th level or less, or any spell of 6th level or less.

    These spells are treated as wish in terms of parameters (i.e. they are 9th level Universal spells with no descriptors, with no casting time because they're cast as part of wish) and they can be made permanent at the caster's option if he pays more XP- 250 points per level of the spell to be made permanent.

    A wish only functions if both parties are willing. If one or both are coerced in any way, the magic is reduced to a limited wish.

    (Credit to PairO'Dice Lost)

    Wish, Limited- You may immediately spend a number of spell points equal to your base casting ability, casting the spells without needing to make caster level checks. You may use them to duplicate any sorcerer/wizard spell of 6th level or lower, or any arcane spell of 5th level or lower, or any spell of 4th level or lower.

    These spells are treated as limited wish in terms of parameters (i.e. they are 7th level Universal spells with no descriptors, with no casting time because they're cast as part of limited wish).
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