Well, the Gameplay is Baldur's Gate Gameplay with updated graphics.
I think it did an excelent job as a Baldur's Gate successor, but 15 years later that is not neccessarily the best way to make RPGs.

And the problem with the story is that it seems so complex and exciting at the end of the prologue and you really want to know what everything means and what things you don't know and will discover later on. But unfortunately, at the end of the prologue the story is basically over. There are four decent side-plots, but the main story is nonexisting.

I wouldn't say that DA2 is clearly the better game. I think I even would go so far to say that overall, DAO is of considerably higher quality. But regarding the opening post, I think DA2 would clearly be the better choice. That doesn't sound at all like something for which DAO would be a good suggestion, but DA2 might very much fill the bill.