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    I'm also one of the few who find DA2 to be the better game. DA:O was boring with dull characters, a brown and gray world on brown and gray armor with brown and gray bosses. It's realistic, but dull dull dull. The complains lodged at the enemies is a bit true, you fight maybe 4 different types of enemies through out the entire game and that does get a little boring. It only takes 20 of the same world ravaging enemies killed by fire balls for me to seriously doubt the veracity of the threat. The characters in Origins are for the most part... unlikable or just paper cut outs. Maybe that's just my own feelings projected but it sort of suffers from Bioware's inability to set up a good cast in their first game. They're mostly just the generic adventuring party you find in any game. Fiesty Dark Woman, Happy Religious Woman, Optimistic Knight, Drunk Dwarf, Wispy Elf Ranger, Motherly Healer. The list goes on. None of them are offensive or all out bad but...they've been done better other places. It does feel rushed, the first Act by far the best act, but even the other smaller acts are enjoyable.

    DA2 is much flasher with a superior combat system. Sure, the storyline is a little cliche but DA:O is as well so you get what you give I guess. The enemies are a bit more varied and they at least tried to make it seem like you were in a wretched hive of scum and villainy what with enemies descending from the rooftops to try and kill you for the fun of it. The city isn't ugly but it is a shame that is pretty much the only thing you're going to see. The characters in 2 are a bit more fleshed out with actual wants and desires. They're still a bit cliche but they still come across as more believable. Dialogue wheels and the added morality system has the problems that system always does but it never really feels important.

    So, if you want more gritty and brown tactical based combat then go for DA:O and it's many DLCs. If you're looking for flashy combat than go for DA:2. My suggestion would be to skip DA:O, it's a time sink you really don't need to delve into.
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