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    It seems that Microscope currently doesn't have a thread for it. As such, this is now the general microscope thread, for the sharing of high concepts, periods and scenes of interest, and whatever else one wants to talk about.

    On my end, I'm currently in the middle of a post-apocalyptic (also pre-apocalyptic) fantasy* game by the name of The Era of First Impact. Somehow, it developed from an incredibly dark looking story set in the period between two disease bearing asteroids to a mostly light story of cultural and scientific development, that looks like a society that might actually survive the second asteroid. Sure, one of the scenes was a submarine falling into an oceanic vent, and there was the matter of the fall of the New Portuguese and New Russian Empires due to the introduction of horrific chemical warfare, all over a series of accidents, but it has mostly been good news so far.

    *There's a case to be made that it is actually science fiction. Said case involves citing the way there is no magic, there are technically aliens, scientific development has been a major driving force, and the whole matter of viruses and genetic engineering thereof being largely central. I'd argue that it isn't focused around actual science enough to fit.
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