Thoughts on the prequels...

There was some stuff to like about them. Truly, they're not bad movies.

-Jar Jar was a legitimately awful idea. I didn't mind the rest of the gungans quite as much but really, they could've done better.

-Some people complain that the prequels were too "polished" compared to the originals. I actually like that. To me, it enforces that the average person's standard of living and the general quality of life had decreased since the Republic was replaced by the Empire.

-Darth Maul and Count Dooku were actually pretty cool. Neither of them usurped Vader (which is really a good thing, I guess. Vader is the end all be all Sith) but they felt like proper Sith. General Grievous, on the other hand, had no business holding a lightsaber.

-Some of the political stuff in the 3rd movie was really good, I thought. Padme's line "So this is how democracy dies. With thunderous applause" (or something to that effect) really clicked for me.

-On the contrary, the politics in the 1st movie were crap.

-On the other hand, Anakin was a whiny bitch and clearly did not have any chemistry with Padme.

-The pod race was stupid.

-The lightsaber duels were...too cool. The originals felt more realistic, while these just got silly.