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Thread: New Star Wars Movie in 2015

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    Quote Originally Posted by oblivion6 View Post
    i liked Jar Jar. he was one of my favorites, as was Wato. how was Wato a stereotypical Jewish, by the way? he didnt seem to fit any such stereotypes i knew of.
    Well for starters he had the hat that is very jewish in design. Then he was short, fat, ugly, very greedy with bad teeth and a large nose.

    I say that is about 10 for 10 on the Jewish stereotype

    Quote Originally Posted by Kitten Champion View Post
    Wato is the flying hand-wringing merchant/slave owner alien from episode one right? I had assumed he was a stereotypical Arab, but I suppose the antisemitic caricature is there too.
    Well both Jews and Arabs are Semites...

    As for the pod race: I didn't like it, but I loved the homage to Ben Hur.
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