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Thread: G&G: Magic v2 (Working Draft)

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    We talked about that, and we are sticking with some flavour of Vancian. However, Vancian still works with spell points: instead of using a slot to prepare a spell, you use a number of spell points to prepare it.

    I disagree with your section on spell resistance, Grod. Some spells, you just don't resist like that. Namely, those that create nonmagical things. I Think 3.5 had that right.

    Are we not going with longer castign times for higher level spells? I liked the idea that your current highest spell level took a full round to cast. It would also mean between three and five rolls per spell, which is just too much. (Caster level to cast spell, attack of opportunity to interrupt spell, attack roll to hit with spell, resistance to resist spell, saving throw to resist spell).
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