DA:O was one of those games I really enjoyed the first time I played it, but then on reflection and later replays seemed to lack the same grab. It hasn't held up to me as much as Planescape Torment on repeated playing, despite all the former's flaws and more clunky interface.

DA2 I haven't played more than an hour or so (ditto DA:O Awakenings), so aside from those facts alone, I can't really past judgement. (Though that, I think, somewhat speaks for itself.)

PS:T, by the by, if you haven't played it, is available dead cheap, and is still arguably the best RPG ever made in my book. (Provided you're prepared to accept having to deal reading all the dialogue and dealing with some of the eccentricities of AD&D and dealing with the fact your main character is pre-generated for you (the whole point of the plot).) I think it just hit the perfect storm of clever writing, good companions (with a lot of interaction), mystery and a unique setting (and I don't even like Planescape all that much normally) and a flexibility in actions that in a lot of ways, is better than most open-world games (different kind of flexibility, but better.)

I'm hoping Oblivion's upcoming Eternity will be closing on Torment territory; I am beginning to think DA:O just wasn't quite different enough (unlike, say, Jade Empire) to rise above the crowd.

DA:O is, in my opinion, still a very solid game, though.