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    Default Star Wars Edge of the Empire: Scenario suggestions and example

    Thought I'd try this out and see what falls out of the tree (so to speak!)

    Now that I've run the game in the book I'm planning an adventure and wanted to see what those of you similarly inclined think about this.
    However because i know one of my players might read this I decided on trying to work out the kinks in scenario designing.

    So the main characters for my test bed example consist of a trio of bountyhunters (A Bothan Gadgeteer, a lungless Gand Survivalist and a repurposed Droid assassin), a Rodian Smuggler and a Human Bodyguard who have possession of a Ghtroc light freighter.

    They've just escaped an Imperial raid and are fleeing the system trying to evade pursuit as well as being identified, what they don't know is that one member of their crew is actually an Imperial loyalist who was responsible for leading the Empire to their former safe port and as they're trying to reach a safe enough distance to jump out of the system without drawing attention the question I have to ask is... where next?

    I picture a chase sequence with tie fighters in pursuit leading to them hiding in the asteroid belt long enough so they can exit the belt and jump clear before the Imperial forces presence can identify them.

    However the loyalist has sabotaged a few of the systems and unless disturbed will shut down the droid under a pretext to reprogram it to work for him, but although they jump out of the system upon reentry the ship suffers damage to several key systems leading them to try to land and end up crashing on an otherwise uninhabited jungle world.

    There are locals or rather a primitive tribe who unless disuaded will try to take the crew to their main temple for a feast that ends with them being sacrificed to their "sky god" something that if they find out too late means they wake up from the drugged food in a cell waiting to be led out as they sing and chant in a ceremony (except for the droid who will either have been left with the ship or disabled and discarded once they realise he can't be eaten...)

    Escaping the locals leads to the fact their ship needs major repairs and can't remain where they are as the locals grow in number the longer they wait leading them to try and find another much safer location to land and begin repairs.

    However this leads to three possibilities;

    1) The first area they find has been deliberately cleared seemingly by fire and nothing not even birds, insects, plants grown there is what looks like an abandoned temple there and signs that perhaps its large enough for the ship to be hangared inside...

    2) The shore of a lake that is impressively huge and looks idyllic but a day or so after they land there a bitter storm wages and they suddenly discover the water level has risen rapidly and is in danger of either submerging their ship or floating it straight off the shore and into the lake itself and unless they've been making sure of this their ship starts to sink beneath the water revealing as they descend that there's an entire city sunk at the bottom of the lake... and someone left the lights on!

    and 3) They finally decide upon an island chain off the main continent which seems quite peaceful with no sign of locals to bother them, however during their first night the ship is invaded by local wildlife and whilst busy driving them off they later discover a few vital components have been stolen leading to the discovery of tracks leading deep within the island's interior eventually revealing their ship sensors aren't working properly as they gradually work their way after the thief to discover the remains of several other starships that have been picked clean with no sign of either the crew nor what took them apart...

    So what do you think is this along the right track or is there something I'm overlooking?
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