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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Jackal View Post
    I'm actually with Warty on DA:O being bad. It got lots of attention for good graphics and (snort) adult content, but the story was trite, and the cast of supporting characters falls squarely into Bioware's predictable tropes.
    You can pigeonhole any character into a category if the requirements are broad enough. For instance, that list also describes the cast from Firefly:

    Charming Lead- Mal
    Naive Minx-Kaylee
    Wise Mentor-Book
    Bitch- Inara
    Murderous Sociopath-Jayne

    Or Order of the Stick:

    Charming Lead-Roy
    Naive Minx-Haley
    Wise Mentor-Durkon
    Bitch-Vaarsuvius (well, s/he may not have breasts, but it fits otherwise)
    Murderous Sociopath-Belkar

    Man, these are character archetypes. You might as well deride them for the cliché of speaking English.
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