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    Basically it boils down to:

    What kind of RPG do you like?
    Old School "proper" RPGs? Clearly you will enjoy DA:O.
    Action RPG? Clearly you will prefer DA2.

    Do you have the ability to enjoy a depressing and dark adventure?
    If not at all? Neither game is for you.
    If yes, as long as the game has strong silver linings: DA:O, but not DA2
    If yes, period: Both games.

    Do you prefer voiced protagonists?
    Yes: DA2
    No: DA:Origins
    Doesn't matter: Both games, obviously

    And the last one is very subjective and just put here because I enjoy ranting:
    What kind of companions do you prefer?
    Well written characters with unique backstories and compelling personalities? DA:O
    Badly written Emo characters with too much JRPG influences and carrying idiot balls the size of an arch-demon: DA2.
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