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Alternate form: I'd still suggest limiting at least movement modes. This one is still about 6 spells in one. I thin kthere were ways of getting flying and swimming forms. I'm also still lobbying for ability modifiers over ability scores.
Apart from fly, most of the alternate movement forms aren't worth the spell, and the only flying humanoid I can think of is a raptoran. Which... doesn't really fly 'til 10HD.
I (now) get what you mean about ability modifiers-- strip your own racial modifiers, and add the new form's.

Astral Projection: if you are in no way protected, what exactly is the point of it?
What was the point of it to begin with? The SRD form looks like it basically makes backup bodies for the entire party that they can drive around with no consequences, which is not really ever going to be OK.

Mage's Disjunction: i'd still like the option of taking apart a magical item. Perhaps as a secondary function at touch range, on a single item? Or should that better be a different spell.
Thought I'd kept the anti-magic-item bit in there. Whoops.

Wind Wall: mentoin that it the penalty is a wind effect, as there are ways to ignore those.
Right, right, must be maximally explicit always.