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    Prowler coughs as he turns to look at you, with fear in his eyes.

    "No get away, you idiot! It's a-"
    before he could finish quoting General Akbar, your Spider Sense had finally identified that out of all the potential danger around you, the green spiked tail should probably be a priority.

    "Your finally mine Webhead!" The Scorpion yells as he strikes at you from behind.

    OOC: I spend a d10 from the doom pool to get past Spider-man's reflexes and allow Scorpion to go first.

    Attack= Scene Distinction d8 (surrounding danger made you misjudge spider-sense) + Solo d8+ Superhuman Strength d10+ Cybernetic Tail d8+ Combat Expert D8=

    4d8+1d10 → [5,8,6,8,7] = (34)
    16 with a d10 effect. The effect is Physical stress, no opportunities.

    OOC: Scorpion picks the guy following Cage to go next.

    Luke Cage
    From above a cackle is heard over the sound of a very distant (or soft) jet engine. The cackle tells you facts-one, this person has been holding it in for a very long time. Two, the person laughing is definitely insane.

    "Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling, From glen to glen, and down the mountain side, The summer's gone, and all the flow'rs are dying...what an odd time to start thinking of a funeral song? What have I done today that's put a song in my heart and a skipin my step?"
    Finally you look up to see the Hobgoblin, floating above you on a Glider. But isn't the Hobgoblin in jail or something?

    "Whatever it was, I think it bears repeating, BWAHAHAHA!" The goblin screams as it throws several pumpkin bombs at you. As the gas releases you discover it's not explosive, but it's making it difficult to think clearly.


    Insane Distinction d4 (gave away his position before attacking), Solo d8, Flight D8, Goblin Bomb d10, Menace Expert d8=
    1d4+3d8+1d10 → [2,6,7,7,4] = (26)
    14, effect d10. Mental stress. However since it's essentially holding your breath to avoid taking in the gas superhuman Stamina can be used as a defense. I'm not that the first round.
    Doom pool is currently 1d6+1d10. Hobgoblin picks to go next...

    Penance and US Agent

    The man in a wheelchair glances at Penance.

    "This pincushion is Speedball? Heh. I guess it's only right that the bringer of so much death should so resemble a corpse."
    It remarks in a cruel tone. "Perhaps you think pricking yourself makes up for all those tombstones."

    As he talks however, Walker glances up, as he hears a roaring sound from above. Like a furnace.

    "I guess this makes our meeting fortunate. You need to make up for your transgressions to those you murdered,"
    he says slowly before


    Glass shatters from the rooftop as a man adorned in powered armour but with a glass see through dome over his head flies down, fire coming out his jetpack.

    This however momentary distraction diverts both heroes from the sight of Night Thrasher standing up from his wheelchair and raising his arm in a strike. His hood falls back revealing who he is.

    "By joining them in Hell!" The Grim Reaper screams, as his scythe unfolds out of his right sleeve, to strike at Penance's turned back.

    Grim Reaper's roll: Buddy d6, Agent of Life and Death distinction d8, D8 weapon, D8 Menace expert=3d8+1d6 → [5,5,1,5] = (16)
    10 with an effect of d8, one opportunity available for Penance or US agent to buy. The effect is emotional stress; the attack itself will likely miss or glance off, but what he said and the whirlwind of emotion Penance is going through will leave him confused or angry or depressed. Maybe all three or something else entirely, but that's the intent with why it is emotional stress.

    Grim picks his buddy Scorcher.

    Not paying attention to the drama Grim Reaper is enacting, the inferno scientist raises his flamethrower gauntlets at the walls around them.

    "Sorry boys but this job will set me for life. All i need is an order of couple of doo folders extra crispy."
    Flames come out, setting the building itself on fire.


    Buddy d8, get out of Crime distinction d8, Science Expert d8, Flame Blast d10, D6 area effect sfx=

    1d6+1d10+3d8 → [1,2,4,1,1] = (9)

    Wow. That's just awful. I was going to put a complication on each of you, trapped in a burning building, but yeah. No way your going to fail either of those rolls.

    Essentially 3 opportunities either of you can use, a 6 is aimed at US agent with a d4 effect. I don't have enough to split between you two.

    OOC: ok now I would pick the next hero to go, however, I will instead say whoever posts next goes. Remember to roll your reaction rolls first, then take your action. When your done either name a hero or just say whoever posts next like I did.

    If anyone has a problem with anything I wrote, please let me know OOC or by PM.
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