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    The U.S.Agent hoists up his heavy shield as fast as he can and protects himself from the hot flames generated from the inferno scientist's flamethrower. He is momentarily reminded how he once saw footage of Captain America doing much the same. Walker grits his teeth as he shoves the mental image from his mind.

    d8 Buddy; d4 In Cap's Shadow; d8 Enhanced Reflexes; d12 Godlike Durability (shield), d8 Combat Expert.

    Buddy (1d8)[8]
    In Cap's Shadow (1d4)[3]
    Enhanced Reflexes (1d8)[8]
    Godlike Durability (1d12)[10]
    Combat Expert (1d8)[2]

    18 total with a d8 Effect die.

    I'll spend the PP I generated to

    U.S.Agent laughs, "How predictable! The idiots try to attack us!" Walker hits his comm and yells, "Don't move in yet, I can handle this!" John rushes to his left then, suddenly, whirls around and flings his heavy shield at one of the Abandoned Trains. The loud thud echoes in the deserted streets. The shield slams against the train and ricochets in the opoosite direction, flying straight for the Inferno Scientist's head.

    Using the Ricochet SFX, which allows me to step up or double Weapon die, remove the highest rolling die and use 3 dice for my total.

    Abandoned Trains (1d8)[1]
    Arrogant (1d8)[1]
    Enhanced Strength (1d10)[4]
    Weapon #1 (1d8)[1]
    Weapon #2 (1d8)[8]
    Combat Expert (1d8)[1]
    Stunt Die Weapon #1 (1d8)[7]


    FOUR ONES!? Ouch!


    Ok so remove the highest die and use the three lowest... So a 4 and a 7 = 11. Automatically get a d4 effect die.

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