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My problem was that my origin story was at least mildly interesting. By the time I got the big old Helm's Deep battle where long odds says Obi-Wan bites it, it was abundantly clear that the story I was actually getting was a chirpy YA rendition of watered down sub-Tolkien drival that had been thoroughly played out twenty years ago. I maybe could have shlecked through to unite the peoples and stop the ancient evil yet again, but it was pretty hard to care about that when the game had just shown me it could do better. Not stupendously better perhaps, but the origins were at least trying.
I disagree: The plot in DAO isn't exactly riveting or interesting, but it's not supposed to be.

DAO's plot was more of a roadtrip story than a heroic epic, even though it tried to sell itself as the latter (not the least of its marketing mistakes, so I hear). It's a set of Interesting Things for the audience to marvel at while the plot serves as little more than a device to shuffle the audience (in this case, the player) from one Interesting Thing to the next.

Think of it like The Odyssey, or Alice in Wonderland, or The Wizard of Oz: The plot in all three of these is simply that the main characters want to go home, but keep getting caught into obstacles that prevent them from doing so. It's not the process of overcoming these obstacles that makes these stories interesting, but rather what the obstacles themselves have to show us.

Now, whether or not the journey in DAO was Interesting enough to draw you in is a whole 'nother story, and I'm definitely not without criticisms for the game. Personally though, the world of Thedas was enough to keep me playing. There's plenty of interesting stuff there beneath the obvious Tolkien influences (which, really, are mostly satirical) if you take out the time to look.