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    OOC :

    Everything is normal...but sometimes you wish it wasn't normal don't you.

    Escapist fantasy is everywhere, and we love it. We would love to be princes, knights, merchants, bard, and maybe even the dashing pirate rogue.

    Of course some people take it a little farther.

    It's the real world, a basic D&D group of seven has gathered for their monthly game.

    "It's a shame this stuff, isn't real, but what if it could be?" Mori the nutjob states, pulling out a book. "Check it out, I found this grimoire at a bookstore. Looks legit too, it's got a nice spell, in it."

    He reads from it.

    "From the books you read, to the stories you tell, state your wish and there you shall dwell."

    "I'd be a merchant." One states.
    "A noble." says another.
    "What about you?" One ask Mori, but he refuses to answer.

    We all have a good chuckle at the book and sigh that it could never be true.

    You go to bed in your modern day home, relax and rest in your blankets...but when you wake up...something isn't right..why is your house's walls no longer painted? Where did the curtains go? And where the hell is all my stuff?! Why am I in what looks like (insert profession's place here).

    You bolt out of bed, and look around the room, getting your bearings.
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