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Laela is very wobbly on her feet for a moment, but she steadies a bit after a moment. She'd definitely topple over if Adir lets go.

"Laela, you're doing so good!" Sakura says enthusiastically, snapping a few more pictures. "Smile for the camera! You too, Adir." Laela looks up at her mom, a big grin already on her face.
Adir swings the infant one way, then the other, trying to 'walk' her forward. The stag glances at the camera to smile occasionally, but tries to focus on moving his daughter around. Still, half his face can be seen in most of the pictures, and that half is always grinning.

"Isn't she beautiful?" The fey 'prince' asks, his voice rich and a little emotional.


"Are you and your husband plannin' to have any more kids, Cessie?" Jon asks, chopping some green onion for the meal.

Adir opens his mouth as if to say something on the matter, but he decides against it.