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Thread: Grimoire of the Rift (IC)

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    Zachary Smith wakes, the cool scent of morning air greets his nostrils. It's a pure scent, unpolluted, reminding him of country air. It's surprising chill.

    As the tall, well muscled, and tan man slides his legs out of bed he is assaulted as his toes touch the cold stone for.

    "What the hell?!" Zach let's escape.

    Where am I? Why am I naked? And who te hell is she?! ..... Though, I've done worse... That's besides the point

    His gaze moves around the dimly lit room until his eyes are drawn to a set of shining silver armor, a large glistening sword, and an ornate book left open.

    Those are... Mine! Where am I? What has happened to me?! he thinks emphatically.

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