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    Scorcher reaction

    Buddy d8, I want out of this business distinction d8, Enhanced Durability d8=
    3d8 → [1,5,6] = (12)
    11 d4 effect. So you actually hit, with a D4 physical stress. You wanted to inflict stress right?

    I activate your opportunities, giving the Doom pool 2d6 and 1d8. So you get 3PP. Which hero did u want to go next? Or are you just going to say whoever posts next can go like I did?

    Doom pool is 3d6+1d8+1d10

    As the shield arcs towards the scientist, he raises his arms quickly to block his glass dome. He then smiles at the negligible damage.

    "Are you kidding? I've had Wasp stings that hurt more than that."
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