Quite easy to pull off, really.

It's called Wyld Assimilation, it's a mutation, and it guarantees that your pet mortals will never, ever, Exalt. Apply it via Behemoth Forging Meditation at birth, and you're set.

Of course, there is a flaw to the process - namely that your pets get locked into specific roles and are therefore not much more interesting (or tasty) than easily disposable Awakened Dreams.

Which means, naturally, that any sensible Raksha will seek to make things exciting again!

Felidae's Home

Creation is vast, and infested with Exalts. These have a distressing habit of successfully arguing with the workings of Fate and the laws that define how matter and energy operate. This behavior creates stresses in the Loom, and thus threaten all that Is.

Fortunately, a gathering of Sidereals (who were totally not Raksha) had a highly productive meeting and derived a method for diverting excess stresses harmlessly. Somewhere in the Wyld, they deduced, there must be a perfect copy of Creation, where neither gods nor men lived. By relocating the neighborhood of extreme disruptions to this location, breaks in the stuff of Fate would occur outside Fate, with none being the wiser.

The plan was a brilliant success, as all such plans must be. There were just a few minor flaws, but those were, of course, inconsequential. First, the destination used was inhabited by feline Fair Folk, who'd be damaged by the sudden erruption of Creation-stuff in their midst. This was viewed as a plus. Second, the Loom might lose track of a few insignificant extras, who'd be lost in the Deep Wyld when the important Exalts finished their daring feats. Since the extras were only mortals, and mortals the Exalts were not thinking about to boot, they didn't matter either.

Felidae's Home, the destination used as the primary dumping ground for massive reality violations, soon adapted to the influx of destructive Creation-born forces and intruding mortals. Though the mortality rates remained high, its underlying sentience (which was definitely not a Primordial, and catergorically not served by Infernals) managed to isolate a section of the realm, a mere continent in size, where traumatized Raksha might adjust to the curse of Shape, and experiment with ruling over mortals.

Because the Creation-born are so dangerous, the Home was imbued with a suitably feline presence, ensuring that intruders would behave properly and refrain from behaviors that could damage the fundamental laws of space, matter, and energy (however the Raksha chose to interpret them). Because purring, buxom, maidens will come into season, the spell cast upon the Home does not take immediate effect on newcomers, allowing them some time to enjoy the petting, grooming, and drinking milk from the source before joining the ranks of the Felidae.

4-dot Oneiromancy
Assumption of the Lving Kingdom - the Home affects a truly enormous number of people, and multiple copies may be used if required.
Mad God Mien - even though counter magic does not occur, it is still ineffective
Cat Transformation - Creation-born visiting the Home will at some point gain feline features (ears and tail to begin with) as well as become female if they were not before. As a final step, Wyld Assimilation will ensure that they joyfully fall into their role. This transformation is potentially triggered each day at dawn, unless the newcomer has managed to fully satisfy one more of the Home's residents than the previous day. It can even be reversed for those who best entertain their gracious Raksha overlords.
Ordinary Object Conjuration - each time an egregious violation of the workings of Creation is relocated into the Home, an anvil is created above one of its residents.

Yes, every time an Exalt invokes real world physics in Creation, Sidereals kill a catgirl. Fortunately, they also make sure to increase the supply.