As Tabatha awakens and raises her head, a piece of sticky paper loosen from the side of her cheek. She rubs her eyes while a simple thought of recognition crosses her mind. She must of fallen asleep studying again. Well at least that's what she thought. As her eyes adjust her heart skips a beat and starts to pound. Panic sets in as she realizes shes not at her desk.

She gives the room a sweeping glance checking for any signs of another person. Locked to the chair in a state of fear her mind races trying to find the answer. Did she go to the wrong home last night, perhaps a friends, or worse? Her heart continues to race as she slowly edges off the chair.

A quick glance reviles this certainly wasn't a modern home. The walls were made of simple wooden planks, the floor just the same, the furnishings and styles of the items looked archaic. She quietly crept her way towards the door then slowly nudged it open, glancing outside into the hall. Empty. Fearing discovery she closed it just as slow as she opened it and turned back to the room. It had to contain answers or some clue to her location.

Standing near the door she gave the room a thorough look over. A simple bed, a desk with a couple books, and a large chest lined the walls. Nothing too reveling yet. She moved over to the large trunk and tugged at the lid. Her effort was only met with resistance. Must of been locked. Moving over to the desk she peer down at several thick leather bound books.

While they all have locks, the one she woke up on remains open. She moves the chair to the side and quickly flips to the start of the book. Looking for some type of answer to what in the world is going on. Surprise and shock feel her as she looks down on the strange symbols. She drags her finger down the first one and presses it down at the base. Definitely not english.

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