As you read the book, you realize although it's clearly not in English you can read it as if it were plain English. "Glitterdust" "Mending" "Detect Magic" this things reads like a D&D book written by tolkien, yet something is clearly off about it. Namely the fact that a few items lying around the room are clearly glowing magical in nature and this place looks like a wizard's quarters. You think back to the wish you made when Mori cast the spell.


You get dressed and hear a knock on the door. "Hey Lucas! Are you up? I got a quick job for you!" The voice is sharp but kind. "I need you to take a letter to the castle. The psionics guild project needs more funding before we can build the necessary items for the project."

'Psi-on-nic... wait WHAT?!' you think as you look at the crystal coming to a conclusion about what it might be, and realize what might has happened.