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You hear a knock on the door as you're going through your belongings which seem to include a large amount of accounting forms.

"Hey are you up yet?" A female voice calls through the door. "We were suppose to go to the market this morning remember? We need to pick up the flowers for the guild's gift to the princess! So get ready!"

You hear her leave mutterings about how odd it is that you've slept in.

You gather your bearings and slowly come to terms with what happened. "Prin...cess..." You think, putting two in two together, along with that receipt for a "Belt of Healing".
Could it be...? No this has to be some sort of crazy dream or hallucination.

John continues to mutter to himself as he heads towards the wardrobe. Finding a white tunic, a fine belt and a pair of fine trousers he dressed and headed out of the room into the hallway.