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    Quote Originally Posted by Tantaburs View Post
    Could it be...? No this has to be some sort of crazy dream or hallucination.

    John continues to mutter to himself as he heads towards the wardrobe. Finding a white tunic, a fine belt and a pair of fine trousers he dressed and headed out of the room into the hallway.
    You walk down the long hallway into a dining room where merchants are gossiping and eating. A woman around your age greets you. "Hey John." She says. "Glad you finally got up. I'll make you some food when we get back, but we gotta get going!" She grabs you arm firmly and starting dragging you anime style towards the door to the laughs of the other merchants.

    "Go Mana! Show your boyfriend why you're the next merchant princess!"

    "He's not my boyfriend!" She says back, with a visible blush making everyone laugh as she drags you out the door and towards the market.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lexin View Post
    Okay that's... in his thoughts words 'freaky' and 'fun' are fighting for the place in this sentence and as Lucas couldn't decide on one, he just left it as it was...

    "Just a minute!" He shouts back.

    Okay... I am dreaming. This one is for sure. *Ouch* ...or maybe not... in movies pinching works...
    Okay, if I were in a fantasy realm and became a psion... best way to learn anything would be...
    His eyes are drawn back to the crystal on his desk. He grabs it...

    [telepathy] "Okay, assume that I lost my all memories of this place and possibly life. Now, I need to know what is going on and what should I do. Keep talking... and in easy to understand words, I still feel half asleep.
    Last coherent thoughts as he holds the crystal and looks at it with expectation was Am I really talking to a rock and expecting it to answer?
    The crystal glows, and speaks to you in our mind. "Well you're Lucas, you're the son of the guildmaster of the guild of psions, the studiers of the art of psionics and the main non-arcane, non-divine, non-mundane, power in the Rosewood kingdom. I'm your psycrystal. You're a Erudite, and your goal in life was to travel the world and discover fantastical discoveries. Also today is the Princess's birthday celebration so you might want to get dressed and go deliver that letter while she's in a good mood.
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