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As you read the book, you realize although it's clearly not in English you can read it as if it were plain English. "Glitterdust" "Mending" "Detect Magic" this things reads like a D&D book written by tolkien, yet something is clearly off about it. Namely the fact that a few items lying around the room are clearly glowing magical in nature and this place looks like a wizard's quarters. You think back to the wish you made when Mori cast the spell.
She shakes her head, questioning the sanity of her last thought. It's just not possible... though if it were true that would explain a lot. She takes a slow deep breath then slowly exhales. As her racing heart begins to calm and her mind settles she decides a change of course is in order. She closes the book in front of her, it locking with a notable click, then turns around to face the door. Pressing it open again she calls out into the hallway as she moves about, "Hello?"