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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexin View Post
    [telepathy] "Sounds... *long pause* then *shrug* Nevermind. ... Side question, did I drink a lot last night?"

    Princess's birthday... I am Erudite... Not bad for a dream...

    He chooses better clothes to wear, more suitable when attending the court (How the heck do I know which clothes would be more suitable for attending the court?!?). Black, with arcane/psionic symbols sewn with silver thread. And long black cloak with lots of pockets, which seemed as natural to wear as a part of is own body.
    He notices leather straps on his belt, thinks a short while and puts the psicrystal there.
    Now ready, he opens the door.
    "Okay, talk to me. What needs to be done?"
    "Not to my knowledge. You did have a bit of ale though, so unless someone in the guild drugged it..." The crystal trails off.

    A man stands there and hands you a letter addressed to "Princess Teru". "Take this to the castle and deliver it. It's important you start dealing with the courts, for when you finally take over the guild. Also calm down a bit, you look like you don't know who I am." He shakes his head. "Talking to the courts isn't easy I know, but it's something the guildmaster has to know just as well as I do the 6 main guilds of this kingdom. Psion, Arcane, Divine, Nature, Merchant, Mercenary. We need to make sure we pull our weight! Now go deliver the letter, the cooks should have a meal ready for you when you get back." He pats you on the shoulder and leaves.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tantaburs View Post
    Merchant Princess?? what's going on? I'll figure it out later better just follow this girl around. In the off chance this is really happening i don't want to be locked up as a crazy person.

    Whoa slow down Mana I think I drank i bit to much last night. Where are we going exactly?
    "Um...the market?" She points to what is clearly some kind of medieval style market. So unless you were magically teleported to a renaissance fair, and everyone is VERY good at keeping in character....chalk a point for...well...something. "Come on, I need you to help me carry the flowers back." She drags you to a florist and starts examining the flowers. "It's a shame more people don't like flowers. I personally think a good flower brightens a room and helps raise morale." She goes up to the counter and starts talking in what you would think would be slang, bartering with the clerk, but you clearly can understand what she's saying. Eventually get gets a large amount of flowers and pulls out her coin pay with copper and silver pieces....

    Quote Originally Posted by Elbeyon View Post
    She shakes her head, questioning the sanity of her last thought. It's just not possible... though if it were true that would explain a lot. She takes a slow deep breath then slowly exhales. As her racing heart begins to calm and her mind settles she decides a change of course is in order. She closes the book in front of her, it locking with a notable click, then turns around to face the door. Pressing it open again she calls out into the hallway as she moves about, "Hello?"
    "Are you up my apprentice?" An older man walks out of a nearby room. "Ah...good, you're up, have you prepared your spells yet for today? Remember to prepare at least two glitterdust spells. We need to use them to help decorate the arena for the tournament." He smiles at you. "You've come so far since you apprenticed under me, I cannot wait til I get to teach you fireball, which is one of my favourite spells. Go prepare your spells, I'll go to the kitchen and conjour up something nice for breakfast."
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