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"Um...the market?" She points to what is clearly some kind of medieval style market. So unless you were magically teleported to a renaissance fair, and everyone is VERY good at keeping in character....chalk a point for...well...something. "Come on, I need you to help me carry the flowers back." She drags you to a florist and starts examining the flowers. "It's a shame more people don't like flowers. I personally think a good flower brightens a room and helps raise morale." She goes up to the counter and starts talking in what you would think would be slang, bartering with the clerk, but you clearly can understand what she's saying. Eventually get gets a large amount of flowers and pulls out her coin purse...to pay with copper and silver pieces....
Copper and Silver, Medieval market, Princess... This isn't happening. This can't be happening. Calm down John, don't panick there is an explination for everything just get the flowers back then you can head to your room and figure this out.

Let me grab those. John walks forward and lifts most of the flowers.

I'm really out of it this morning need to stop spending late nights with nothing but a mug of ale and the accounting ledger. You said these were for the princess right? What's the occasion again?