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Copper and Silver, Medieval market, Princess... This isn't happening. This can't be happening. Calm down John, don't panick there is an explination for everything just get the flowers back then you can head to your room and figure this out.

Let me grab those. John walks forward and lifts most of the flowers.

I'm really out of it this morning need to stop spending late nights with nothing but a mug of ale and the accounting ledger. You said these were for the princess right? What's the occasion again?
"Her BIRTHDAY. Her COMING OF AGE BIRTHDAY." Mana emphasizes. "Geeze how much did you drink!? The whole country has been planning this celebration for months! This is the day where she steps up and becomes the official heir to the throne, aka the NEXT RULER OF THE KINGDOM."

She looks at you like you're high. "Are you sure you're okay? I better make you a good meal when we get back...you seem like you might be sick..." She puts her hand to your forehead. "No fever..."

She stays silent looking at you for the rest of the short walk back.