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[To psicrystal] "Who is this and what's his name?!?"

[To 'the man'] "Sorry, I was very deep in dreams and just need to shrug it off. Lucas takes the letter nods, trying not to look as confused as he was.

He looks around his quarters trying to find a key, then closes the door and leaves. I need to act as normal as possible...

For one insane moment he wants to reach the cellphone and try to find the court on GPS. Instead his hand touches the psicrystal.

"Okay, I need your help. For the starters how can I call you? ... or let me guess first, Loiosh?
Anyway, do you know the way to the court and could you tell me anything about this 'project'?"


Went with Seagreen for telepathy and green for thoughts/ speech

"Um...that's your FATHER." The psycrystal tells you. "His name is Laguna."

"You can call me whatever you want, I am your crystal. Loiosh is fine though. You'll want to leave this building then take a left to the GIANT CASTLE. The project is setting up telepathy points that will enable group conference of the lords without having to travel as much to cut costs and improve communication."