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Okay so we have some information at least. Princess' birthday. We were getting the guild's gift so I a member of some sort of guild

John continues to think to himself while following Mana.

Maybe Food would be a good idea i am fairly hungry... Wait People don't get hungry in dreams...

Yeah I must had more to drink then I thought last night.

I need to find a way to get her to tell me what I do without asking her what I do

I've been really busy dealing with finances lately it seems I've lost track of reality a bit. So what is new with you?
She stops in her tracks and turns to look at you. Her face looking like someone threw a brick at her. "The SHIPPING COMPANY?!" She almost yells. "The network of carts between the Capital of Oda and the Hara Family?! The project we've been setting up with the guildmasters for weeks?!" She starts breathing heavy. "Come. We need to get you back to the guildhouse. I'm starting to worry about you. I'll cook you a meal and then we can talk alone." She leads you back and you drop off the flowers. "Go to your room." she orders firmly. "I'll be up in about 20 minutes with your meal."