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    Quote Originally Posted by ReaderAt2046 View Post
    When Danil woke up that morning, he thought for a while he was still dreaming. He looked around the room and saw the acoutrements of his wildest dreams. There a shirt of shimmery chainmail, there a shield actually painted with his own made-up coat of arms, there Veramorte real-sized and shiny.

    On the second sweep, his eyes registered stranger details. the lack of electricity, the presence of candles and torches, the presence of only two suits of clothes, one fancy in blue and gold, one practical in blue and gold. But what really clinched it was when he happened to notice his arms. Those were definitely more muscular than the arm he'd had when he went to sleep.

    God almighty raise the flame, raise the fires of thy name.

    What am I doing here and how did I get here.
    You hear a knock on the door. "Master Danl? May I come in? I have your breakfast prepared for you?" The voice is timid and sweet, and subservient.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tantaburs View Post
    Well that line of questioning was probably less subtle then I had intended.

    John heads up stairs to his room to think so thinks over.

    Okay so I am a member of some sort of shipping guild I have 20 minutes to figure out what I do before that girl comes upstairs maybe I can find something with my title or at least some sort of map.

    John hurries around the room looking for anything that might help him understand what is going on
    You eventually find a map of the "rosewood" kingdom. Please refer to the OOC thread shortly.
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