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A Knight?...

"Thank you, please show Leila out. I will not require your assistance, come to me once my presence is required."

Sir Zachary Smith, Knight of the Rosewood Kingdom, stands tall and bids the lass farewell with a kiss on her hand, "It was a thousand pleasures."

Once alone, he dresses in his undercloths quickly before donning his armor. He takes his time, letting his fingers remember the clasps, and feel of the surprisingly light silvered chain....Mithril...Made by my hand... as he traces the intricacies of the metal work. Next he dons the crafted Mithril braces, and finally the intricate sword. It is as if the great blade was made by his hand for his hand and his hand alone.

Once his armor is donned he turns to the book in front of him and begins to read and flip through the pages, his mind afire with the traces of the magic in the words...
The squire wakes Leila and helps her leave. Apologizing to her for anything that happened last night.

You flip through the book and find it full of magical terms that normally you wouldn't understand, but you can read them as if they were plain English. The odd part is that you KNOW you shouldn't know what they mean, you just do. (Like Harry speaking snake language in chamber of secrets).

Eventually you start hearing the other Knights in the barracks get up and prepare themselves as well, and before long you can hear a large amount of footsteps outside in the hallway.