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    Default Re: What Is A Thought, Compared To A Mind? Let's Play System Shock 2

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    Nope, never played SS1, but it've been planning on LPing it as my next solo LP, so we'll see how many pant I'll go through soon

    Just keep in mind that SS1 was released the same year as Doom, so interface conventions on FPS games weren't set yet, and the control scheme is rather different than what modern gamers have come to expect. Still, it's my favorite of the whole line, and the unique interface provides some tactical options that will be vital to survival, such as nuanced degrees of leaning and crouching.

    Also keep in mind that SS1!SHODAN is not precisely the SS2!SHODAN. In SS1, part of the atmosphere comes from watching her change and develop throughout the game, just as you become more and more potent yourself, which is something SS2 lacked imo.

    Finally, SS1 has four difficulty meters (Mission, Combat, Puzzles, Cyber). Beating it with all at 3 is mind-numbingly difficult, since Mission 3 adds a time limit to the game and Puzzles 4 pretty much requires a full walkthrough guide to complete without excessive wallbanging, and the two in concert pretty much doom any honest effort right from the get-go. I'd recommend... Mission 2, Combat 2-3, Puzzles 1-2, Cyber 2-3. Combat, Puzzles, and Cyber depend on how hardcore you want to be, but don't underestimate obstacles even on the lower settings. Contrary to what other sci fi might have taught you, robots don't miss. Ever. Well, unless you're under fairly substantial cover, but still. The game is not for the faint of heart.
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