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    Default Re: My Little Pony LVI:S Has Left the Playground!

    Quote Originally Posted by Pokonic View Post
    Thanks to Silent Night's existance, I have a song built right for this occasion.
    Cue the chorus.

    I did not know what magic could be
    Until you shared necromancy with me

    A unholy adventure

    Tons of fun!

    A putrid heart both faithful yet strong

    Corrupting kindness is a easy feat

    And Undeath makes it all complete!
    Hmm. Doesn't scan very well.

    My little zombie, my little zombie...

    (My little zombie!)
    I used to wonder what undead could be!
    (My little zombie!)
    'Til I made a horde of pony zombies!

    Eating brains is so much fun!

    An undead heart, so still and strong!

    Tearing minds, it's such an easy feat!

    Dark magic makes it all complete!

    Cuz with My little Zombies
    Doncha know I made my very best friends!

    Also, Thubby?

    Run. Pinkie upgraded to a howitzer.
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