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Okay, a question: Out of the following three one-episode charecters, which one would you like to see come back the least?

Iron Will


Flim &/or Flam
Flim and Flam

Iron Will is hilarious and while I don't care much for Gilda she at least has potential for something new. Flim and Flam aren't con artists, they just make cider using a machine. Okay I can think of a few stories for them but not nearly as many as Gilda has.

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Though I'm not really a fan of any of the "villains" returning as a concept. Maybe Iron Will since he seemed actually just a bit misguided and such.
I wouldn't call Iron Will a villain in any way shape or form. All he did was teach Fluttershy to be assertive who promptly took it way too far. He didn't harm, threaten or bully anypony and genuinely thought he was helping ponies. Also he held up his deal of 100% satisfaction or its free without even trying to argue about it.

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