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That's your idea of a horrible alternate universe? Heh. Fair enough.

Twilight: "But I make friends all the time!"
Celestia: "I walked into that one, didn't I? I mean sentient ones, Twilight, that can talk back and have opinions of their own. Everypony needs friends, my little pony. Even necromancers."
Twilight: *goth-pout*
...And I'm sold. *Attempts to fund through the screen*

No really, I want to see this happen. In fact, all the mane 6 should have a few morbid interests. Or natures. I'm picturing zombie Pinkie, totally dead yet still walking around and eating sweets. Which, as Twilight knows, is utterly impossible by every known law of necromancy, and yet there she is.

I might have to put more thought into this...