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Mane 6 as undead huh? How about a different kind of undeath for each:

Twilight - Lich necromancer. That or lich = alicorn, and Twilight eventually becomes one.
Rarity - Vampire (sorry, but it's true).
Pinkie Pie - Zombie. Insatiable hunger, can't be out-run, yep.
Fluttershy - Ghost. Quiet and shy, but she can go poltergeist mode when angry.
Rainbow Dash - We need flight, so maybe Wraith?
Applejack - Skeleton maybe? I think I ran out of ideas.
Naw, Pinkie is a Wright. She converts anything she gets her hooves on into other wrights party-loving ponies.

Also, Applejack is a Death Knight. That rope she uses? The soul-jar thingi.

The hat is a decoy.