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    Played some Microscope just less than a month ago.

    We created a spanning sci-fi tale of AIs, aliens and transhumanism

    The game got really exciting when someone laid down an event "Rise of the Great One" when no one knew what that meant.

    Eventually a scene came up asking "How did the Great One come to be?" and eveyone picked thier roles until it got to me who was last. I said I was the first printed human. And I started playing this conflicted "perfect" man.

    Later we had a scene for which cause the great one would follow. I reprised my role as the great one. In the scene an AI overlord spoke of him as an object and I objected to that. I said I found the term "Great One" offensive. The AI player retorted that is was my serial number and when I'd be put into mass production there would be a Great Two, Three etc.

    Whoa! Did not see that one coming.

    Eventually the Great One had to escape from the collapse of human civilisation but saved a little girl instead as the pod could only support one. The bounty hunter got me. And that was the final scene of the game.

    That particular thread was really cool. I took a photograph of the table at the end so it's really easy to remember everything that happened, even weeks later.
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