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Depends how she died. Depends on the ass-pull. Need more info.

EDIT - Siuis, your art request has done baking. See inside.

This rather got away from me and may not entirely resemble the original request.
I blame you entirely, of course Siuis.
Anyone else asks? Remember that this is all Siuis's fault.

I'm secretly rather pleased with it, even with the countless issues. However I also instinctively kind of want to apologise to everypony depicted and/or involved.
Wow. That's actually perfectly how things were. I mean, wow.
Thanks o_o

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If that's what SiuiS' fault looks like, I think more things should be SiuiS' fault.
This sentence will bite my plot at some point I know it.

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Nevermind on the Heart of Gold, Feathers of Steel Googledocs. By tracking down the author on his fimfiction site, I found that the author has taken leave of the fandom; as a result, I would guess that he took down his GoogleDoc stories, thus resulting in the lack of permission to view a non-existent document.

Oh damn. That sucks.

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...holy crap those ponies can talk!
No they ain't! Quit lyin'!

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Tara Strong. 'nuff said.
Yep. That's Tara. I recognize her from Bronycon. She even brought along her co-stars.

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Sudden, horrible alternate universe thought:

Imagine Twilight as being the greatest necromancer to ever live.

Now ponder Celestia's admonition to "Make some friends."

I'll leave you to think about that.
I say it takes only two episodes before the spirits of the dead reveal than no amount of prophecy on their part will ever get her real friends, just hangers-on seekin profit.

Oh wait, did you mean colloquial necromancy?

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Naw, Pinkie is a Wright. She converts anything she gets her hooves on into other wrights party-loving ponies.
Pinkie invents airplanes?