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    Default Re: Star Wars Edge of the Empire: Scenario suggestions and example

    So I've been thinking (and yes I have a bad feeling about that too!) and I'm planning on running in my next game a simple enough scenario.

    A trio of Bothans on the run from the authorities have a run in with some bountyhunters (I'm imagining them as being played by Ernie Hudson, Dan Ackroyd and John Goodman with only Ernie being human!) who in the process of trying to bring them in run into the PCs.

    One of the trio surrenders to the PCs rather than face his pursuers claiming he'd rather be turned in alive than disintregrated.

    The other 2 use this distraction to escape leaving the three bountyhunters facing the PCs over their quarry who has (offically) surrendered to them rather than the bountyhunters.

    If they talk the bountyhunters are willing to take the bothan in but will interrogate him regarding his fellows, if the PCs either take him in themselves this might end in a firefight with one or two from either side being wounded or even killed (depending on how the dice falls) but if they instead escort them to the authorities to insure the bothan is treated properly they get a destiny point and a share of the reward which is barely 250 credits since the main reward was for one of his two brethren.

    Leaving the bothan will immediately escape and both parties will witness him meeting his fellows before fleeing in the PCs ship...

    The bountyhunters are perfectly willing to help the PCs in return for the bounty on the trio noting there is an outstanding bounty on one of the PCs along with a warrant for the arrest of another PC by the Empire.

    Unless the PCs seriously mess up the bountyhunters help them retrieve their ship which the bothans are using to pick up a spice shipment from Dantooine and have backup in the form of a group of hired thugs.

    Unknown to anyone an Imperial spy has contacted the Empire regarding the deal and a Lambda shuttle with a couple of squads of stormtroopers are also heading to the scene and will arrive shortly after the dealer turns up with the spice.

    I'd go further but I think this will do for the moment!

    Let me know what you think!
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