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If the high point of your civilization needs to be defended by equating them to orks it should make you stop and consider if it really is that good

Yeah, I'd expect intelligent being that is good at flying but nevertheless wants to be, say, scuba diving explorer, to be unhappy to learn it can only fly. Or, in even more extreme FC case, that your 'retirement' will likely take form of lifetime of killing until first bolter shell, earthshaker projectile or gauss ray comes your way, unless it literally is engineered bio-robot like ork.

I mean, people in old Russian Empire (where draft to military was 20 year long) often ripped all teeth or asked to have all four limbs broken to become ineligible for draft, and that was in state that fought maybe two wars per half century. Moreover, it was only stable job and free education available back then, yet people tried everything to get out of that "prison".
I don't think we should be assuming that the Tau of each caste have the same psychological makeup as the entirety of human society. Even among humans you get a lot of variety. Maybe, just maybe, Fire Warriors are wired to be comfortable in constant warfare (Google "Warrior Gene") and not wet themselves or develop mental problems like peace-loving modern human civilians would.

The same logic applies to the different castes. Eugenics or what means that 99% of Earth Caste are comfortable doing Earth Caste things. IQ, aptitude for intellectual activities, these characteristics have a genetic component. Sure, it's likely not all of them get the job that they want (interested in physics but gets stuck in chemistry) but that is how it works in real life too.

Saying that their society is oppressive because not everybody gets their dream job and dream life is very strange.